Sustainable Developments

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North/South Conference
May 27, 1998
Bern, Switzerland

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27 May

Chair Krummenacher opened the day�s discussion by recalling the Earth Summit and asking how Agenda 21 and the plans of action produced by the Rio follow-up conferences can be implemented

Chair Krummenacher address the speakers for the third day the North South Conference for Sustainable Development (Left to Right: Mr. Caicedo, Ms. Akhter, Ms. Briones, Mr. Khor [not shown])

Farida Akhter, President of People�s Perspectives on Population (Bangladesh), addressed women�s role in sustainable development

Eduardo Caicedo, Director of Juan Tama Vocational and Agricultural School (Colombia), discussed the ecological aspects of sustainable development

Leonor Briones, Professor of Economics, University of the Philippines, spoke on the economics of sustainable development

Mr. Khor listens to Ms. Briones response to a question from the floor

Martin Khor, Third World Network (Malaysia), said the Rio process acknowledged a world environmental crisis and linked it to economic and development crises, focused on future and present needs, stressed equity in the environment and development debates, and promised aid to developing countries

The panel on "Implementing Agenda 21 in Switzerland" was moderated by Erich Gysling, journalist, and was composed of Rosmarie B�r, Swiss Coalition of Development Organisations, Thierry Freyvogel, President of the Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries, Michael Kohn, Chairman of the "Capital and Economy" Institute, and Anne Petitpierre, President of the Council for Sustainable Development

Panelists discussed the dilemma of the long time horizon required to integrate sustainability into people's lives, given the urgency of sustainable development

A delegate adds to the panel discussion and throws forward another question

The Secretariat for the North South Conference for Sustainable Development headquarters