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Agricultural Biotechnology and Rural Development
3-4 June, World Bank, Washington D.C.

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Final briefing

Approximately 100 participants from the World Bank, international and non-governmental organizations, the academic community and the private sector gathered at World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C. from 3-4 June 1999 for a workshop on agricultural biotechnology and rural development. The workshop sought to contribute to the process of policy making and consensus building within the World Bank with respect to agricultural biotechnology. Participants discussed key issues and recent developments in the field, reviewed the draft background paper "Agricultural Biotechnology and Rural Development, Issues and Options for the World Bank," which is being prepared by the World Bank's Biotechnology Task Force, and considered specific priorities for World Bank lending, partnerships and other activities. Participants met in Plenary sessions on the first day to outline the major issues and provide background information on recent developments and controversies in the field. They broke into small groups during the second day to discuss World Bank priorities and actions on specific topics. Participants proposed a variety of World Bank actions, including capacity building within the Bank and developing countries, support for agricultural research in the public sector, and examination of the relationship between biotechnology, intellectual property rights (IPR) and poverty alleviation, and best practices to link these variables. The World Bank's biotechnology task force intends to use the workshop's output as they establish priorities for short and long term action.

Photo highlights of the meeting

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Derek Burke (UK), Peter Matlon (UNDP) and Paddy Cunningham (Trinity College, Dublin) prepare for a Plenary discussion of "Ethical and social issues in biotechnology applications for agriculture."



Derek Burke (UK) and other workshop participants continue discussing "Ethical and social issues in biotechnology applications for agriculture" following the Plenary discussion of the same topic.

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Workshop participants gathered in the H Auditorium at World Bank Headquarters, Washington, D.C.



Alain de Janvry (UC Berkeley) and other participants in a small group on "Biotechnology and poverty alleviation" develop recommendations for World Bank action.

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Workshop participants consider recommendations for World Bank action on agricultural biotechnology and rural development.



Michael Hansen (Consumers Union) continues discussing "Biodiversity, biosafety and food safety" with other workshop participants after a Plenary discussion of that topic.

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Uma Lele (World Bank) prepares to chair a discussion of "Intellectual Property Rights."



Eugene Terry (World Bank) and Derek Byerlee (World Bank) prepare summaries of the workshop's recommendations for World Bank activities.

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