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Envisioning the Next Steps for MEA
Compliance and Enforcement
Colombo, Sri Lanka | 21-22 January 2006
High-Level Meeting on Envisioning the Next Steps for Compliance with and Enforcement of Multilateral Environmental Agreements
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Summary report
25 January 2006

Highlights from Sunday, 22 January 2006

Participants in the High-Level Meeting on Envisioning the Next Steps for Compliance with and Enforcement of MEAs convened for the second and final day on 22 January 2006. During the morning, the approximately 30 experts in attendance discussed the role of MEA secretariats and compliance committees in facilitating MEA implementation. Iwona Rummel-Bulska, Chief, Environmental Law Branch, UNEP, supported a proactive secretariat role and noted a number of actions secretariats can or do take to promote implementation.

Anantha Duraiappah, UNEP Division of Environmental Conventions Donald Kaniaru Sam Johnston, United Nations University
Nicholas Robinson, Co-Director of the Center for Environmental Legal Studies at the Pace University School of Law Sri Lankan participants, George Gamage and Anura Jayatilake (left)
Moulay Laheen El Kabiri, Deputy Executive Secretary at the CMS Secretariat Bie Tao, Director of the Division of Legislation, Department of Policies and Law of the State Environment Protection Administration (SEPA) of the People’s Republic of China

Veit Koester, Chair of the Compliance Committee, Cartagena Protocol and Aarhus Convention, offered a comparative analysis of the compliance committees of a number of international instruments. During two afternoon sessions, participants discussed next steps and commented on a draft Chair’s summary of the session, which was distributed during the morning. Based on their comments, the Chair’s summary will be edited and resubmitted to the participants for further comments, following which it will be made available on UNEP’s Division of Environmental Convention’s website. UNEP will use the summary as guidance when it develops an action plan to address MEA implementation issues. Following closing remarks and the extension of thanks to the Sri Lankan host government, Bakary Kante, UNEP, closed the meeting at 6:15 pm.

Professor Koh Kheng Lian of the National University of Singapore Veit Koester
Participants on the final day of the meeting
Daily Web Coverage
21 January 2006 - 22 January 2006

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