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CSD-12 Briefing

UN Headquarters, New York

Monday, 22 March 2004

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By Pamela Chasek, Ph.D.
Editor, Earth Negotiations Bulletin
International Institute for Sustainable Development

[email protected]


Ambassador Bruno Stagno Ugarte, Vice Chair of the twelfth session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-12), briefed delegates on preparations for CSD-12 at UN headquarters on Monday afternoon, 22 March 2004 at 3:10 pm. The purpose of the fifteen-minute briefing was to inform delegates about the sixth CSD-12 Bureau meeting, which was held on Friday, 19 March 2004, as well as other recent developments.

Two documents were distributed: the �Note of the Bureau of the Twelfth Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development on its 6th Meeting,� as well as �Draft Programmes for CSD-12 Regional Sessions,� dated 22 March 2004, which should be available on the www site soon.

In his introductory remarks, Amb. Stagno explained that the Bureau agreed that the High-level segment would consist of introductory presentations by eminent speakers, followed by interactive discussions and statements. The speakers� list was opened on 16 March and delegations are requested to inscribe their ministers on the list as soon as possible. He said the list was opened early for planning purposes. Every minister who comes to the meeting will have the opportunity to address the session, but they still must be on the list.

As for the Regional Sessions, Amb. Stagno said that the format is available in draft form, but some speakers still need to be confirmed. The date of the Economic Commission for Europe session has changed. The draft programmes distributed at the briefing contains the following schedule:

  • Asia and the Pacific Session: Tuesday, 20 April: 3:00 � 4:30 pm

  • Economic Commission for Europe: Tuesday, 20 April: 4:30-6:00 pm

  • African Regional Session: Friday, 23 April: 3:00-4:30 pm

  • Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Session: Monday, 26 April: 10:00-11:30 am

  • West Asia Regional Session: Monday, 26 April: 11:30 am � 1:00 pm

In addition, he reported that the Secretariat will host an interactive CSD-12 www site, which will contain the schedule and the list of speakers for each session. Much of CSD-12 will be webcast live and some of the video footage will be archived and available on the CSD www site

Both the Partnership Fair and the Learning Center are fully booked. A list of courses being offered by the Learning Center will be posted soon on the CSD-12 www site.

Amb. Stagno continued that at the last briefing, the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) requested that a segment on small island developing States (SIDS) be held during the High-level Segment. He said that the Bureau supports this, but they need to further consult with member States. He announced that Norwegian Ambassador Johan L�vald would be facilitating consultations on this matter.

At the last briefing it was also recommended that there be informal consultations on the Nassau strategy paper for the portion of the CSD which will be serving as the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) for the International Meeting for the 10-year Review of the Barbados Programme of Action (BPoA +10). Amb. Stagno announced that New Zealand Ambassador Don MacKay will facilitate these consultations, which will begin on Wednesday, 24 March 2004, at 3:00 pm in Conference Room 6.

At the Bureau meeting on Friday, CSD Chair Norwegian Environment Minister B�rge Brende reported on the results of his conference call with the organizing partners of the Major Groups, in which they discussed the participation of Major Groups during CSD-12. The Bureau also decided to recommend to the Commission that the intergovernmental organizations accredited to the World Summit on Sustainable Development should be accredited to CSD-12 without going through the accreditation process again.

Finally, he reported that UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has indicated that he will address the opening session of the High-level Segment.

The date for the next meeting of the Bureau has yet to be finalized.

Amb. Stagno then opened the floor for questions. There was only one question about the side events, to which Amb. Stagno responded that the side events were fully booked and information will be posted on the CSD www site. He then adjourned the briefing at 3:25 pm.

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