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Ad Hoc Intersessional Working Groups of CSD-8
New York, 22 February- 3 March 2000

Highlights from Wednesday, 23 February
CSD Intersessional Working Group on Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Growth

The Ad Hoc Intersessional Working Group (AHWG) for CSD-8 on Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Growth met to hear general statements on trade, investment and economic growth and reactions to the Secretary General's report on Trade, Investment and Economic Growth. In the afternoon, delegates received the Co-Chairs' Co-Chairs' two preliminary draft papers: a summary of the discussion on Financial Resources and Mechanisms and a document outlining possible elements for a draft decision by the CSD on Financial Resources and Mechanisms.
Right: AHWB Co-Chairs Ahmed Ihab Gamaleldin (Egypt) and Choi-Seok-young (Republic of Korea) peruse the daily ENB


Ositadinma Anaedu of Nigeria, speaking on behalf of the G-77/China

The G-77/China said poverty is the ultimate systemic trait facing humanity. He called for the implementation of a commitment by developed countries to grant duty free and quota free market access for LDC exports. He called for a focus on: correcting market failures; promoting economic instruments for strengthening national institutions; providing market access to goods from developing countries; environmentally sound technologies (ESTs); capacity building; and mobilizing new resources.


Julio Garcia Burgues of the European Commission, speaking on behalf of the EU, underlined the Bangkok Declaration's commitment to equity and participation, and called for new initiatives on developing country access to the full benefits of trade liberalization, and on offsetting the negative social consequences of globalization. He also said a new comprehensive trade round could make the multilateral trading system more transparent and responsive to sustainability. He underlined the importance of facilitating FDI flows to reach all countries, including Sub-Saharan Africa. He said a multilateral framework on investment at the WTO would help achieve the required stable, predictable, non-discriminatory and transparent climate. The EU supported: the ability of WTO members to pursue levels of environmental protection they deem appropriate; greater legal clarity regarding the relationship between trade measures pursuant to MEAs and WTO agreements; and WTO accommodation of such agreements, citing the Biosafety Protocol.

Listen to the EC statement on trade
Listen to the EC statement on investment

Ngurah Swajaya, Indonesia

Indonesia said there were a number of unexplored possible benefits from investment by TNCs, including, for example, the promotion of environmental management systems and the transfer of ESTs. He expressed concern that Sustainable Impact Assessments may increase costs and deter investment and said that the imposition of environmental regulation conflicts with the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.

JoAnne DiSano speaks with Barbara Briglia Tavora, Brazil, (left) and Ambassador Bagher Asadi, Iran, Co-Chair of the Intergovernmental Forum on Forests (right)

Listen to Iran's intervention on trade, investment and economic growth

Barbara Briglia Tavora, Brazil (left)
Brazil said the Secretary-General's report appeared to convey that developing countries were being required to comply with rules created by developed countries. She said certification schemes should not be used as trade barriers.

Mark Hambley, the US

He said the US wanted to put a human face on global trade and suggested that capacity building is the best approach for this. He called for research to identify triple win opportunities for trade, development and the environment, and for more work on labor standards as a means to increase trade.


Richard Jordan, CSD/NGO Steering Committee and Finance Caucus, Yibin XIang, Convention on Biological Diversity, Leanne Burney, UNDP, and René Vossenaar, UNCTAD
Richard Jordan called for a reaffirmation of the CSD's support for the Multi-stakeholder Review of Voluntary Initiatives and Agreements and underlined the importance of a proper framework for FDI.

Jerry Velasquez and Bradnee Chambers, United Nations University, and Ngurah Swajaya, Indonesia
Bradnee Chambers (right) highlighted UNU activities on the positive interlinkages between trade and sustainable development, including the release of a report on the synergies between the Kyoto Protocol and other multilateral regimes, involvement in the Environmental Negotiations Hands on Capacity-building Exercise (ENHANCE)

United Nations University Seminar on Trade, Development and the Environment after Seattle and Bangkok, the WTO Millennium Round and UNCTAD X
This UN University sponsored seminar, held on Tuesday, 22 February, 2000, included the following four modules: Analysis of the Seattle Ministerial and UNCTAD X; Environment and Labor Standards in the Context of a New Round, International Trade and the Special Interests of Developing Countries; and Globalization and the Obstacles to the Successful Intergration of Small Vulnerable Economies.

For more information on UNU, visit To order a copy of UNU's recent publication Trade, Environment, and the Millennium edited by Gary P. Sampson and W. Bradnee Chambers, email

Gareth L. Howell, Deputy Director, UN Liason Office, ILO, and Jorge Vigano, Deputy Director/Counselor, WTO,a nd Bradnee Chambers, UNU

Gareth L. Howell addressed trade and labor standards, Jorge Vigano discussed prospects for a new round in the wake of the Seattle failure, and Bradnee Chambers discussed trade, environment and the Millennium Round


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