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Ad Hoc Intersessional Working Groups of CSD-8
New York, 22 February- 3 March 2000

Thursday, 24 February
CSD Intersessional Working Group on Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Growth

The Working Group on Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Growth met in the morning to comment on and propose changes to the Co-Chairs' two preliminary draft papers on Finance: a summary of the discussion on Financial Resources and Mechanisms; and a document outlining possible elements for a draft decision by the CSD on Financial Resources and Mechanisms.                                     

Delegates received the Co-Chairs' summary of the discussion on Trade, Investment and Economic Growth and a document on possible elements for a draft decision by the CSD. The meeting reconvened at 5:00 pm and delegates proposed amendments to the document identifying possible elements for a draft decision by the CSD on economic growth, trade and investment. The Group discussed whether to combine the document on finance with the one on trade, investment, and economic growth for practical purposes. There was no consensus on this issue and a decision will likely be left for CSD-8 in April.   

Co-Chairs Co-Chair Choi-Seok-young (bottom right) and Ahmed Ihab Gamaleldin (top left)

<<Co-Chair Choi-Seok-young (center)

>>Co-Chair Ahmed Ihab Gamaleldin (center)

Ambassador T. Mailand Christensen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark, speaks with JoAnne DiSano, Director, UN Division for Sustainable Development

Ambassador Julio Mascarenhas, Portugal, and Jill Hanna, European Commission, coordinate on the Co-Chair's document on finance.

Commenting on further promotion on international finance for sustainable development, Portugal, on behalf of the European Union opposed inclusion of a paragraph calling on CSD-8 to convene an ad hoc intergovernmental panel to study the lack of progress in fulfilling commitments relating to finance and technology transfer.


Stefan Fritz speaks with the representative of the Philippines

The Philippines reiterated that the real negotiations on finance will commence at CSD-8 in April


Delegates from Norway and Canada

On mobilizing domestic financial resources and exploring innovative mechanisms, Norway proposed reference to augmenting the GEF's resources at the next replenishment. Canada supported adding text on the need for transparency in the market economy.


<<Barbara Briglia Tavora, Brazil, (center) with Adriana Soto and Mauricio Baguero, Colombia

Brazil reminded the Group that work on trade issues was underway in other way and cautioned against prejudging the outcomes of that work

<<CSD-8 Vice-Chair Patrick McDonnell, Ireland (left) with ENB writer Peter Doran

>>CSD-8 Vice-Chair Zvetolyub Basmajiev, Bulgaria

The European Union consults on the Co-Chair's texts

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