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Ad Hoc Intersessional Working Groups of CSD-8
New York, 22 February- 3 March 2000
Friday, 25 February
Ad Hoc Working Group on Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Growth
The Working Group on Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Growth convened at 3:30pm to comment on the revised Co-Chairs' drafts on summary discussions and possible elements for CSD draft decisions on Financial Resources and Mechanisms, and Trade, Investment and Economic Growth. Delegates did not formally negotiate text. The Group served a a preparatory meeting for CSD-8 and to facilitate the CSD in achieving tangible, action-oriented results on the issues of finance, trade, investment and economic growth. The summaries will be included as reference material for CSD-8, while the documents identifying possible elements could serve as a starting point for further deliberations during and negotiations during CSD-8. It is expected that delegates will further study these documents before the CSD meets in April with a view to formulating their positions in preparation for negotiations in the drafting groups during the CSD.


Adriana Soto, Colombia, speaks with Co-Chair Choi-Seok-young

Left to right: Egypt, Nigeria and China discuss the revised Co-Chairs' texts

Delegates from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

Jill Hanna, European Commission, speaks with ENB writers Jon Hanks, Peter Doran and Stefan Fritz about the upcoming week


<<The Russian Federation called to add references to countries with economies in transition throughout the Co-Chairs' texts 

Barbara Briglia Tavora, Brazil, and JoAnne Disano, Director, UN Division for Sustainable Development

JoAnne Disano and ENB writer Peter Doran discussing the outcome of the meeting
The meeting is adjourned shortly after 6:00pm 

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