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Ad Hoc Intersessional Working Groups of CSD-8
New York, 22 February- 3 March 2000

Highlights from Tuesday, 29 February
Ad Hoc Working Group on Integrated Planning and Management of Land Resources and Agriculture

The Ad Hoc Intersessional Working Group (AHWG) on Integrated Planning and Management of Land Resources & Agriculture reconvened to discuss land issues in the morning and agriculture in the afternoon. On Wednesday, the Co-Chairs' initial draft summaries of discussion and elements for a decision on land and planning and agriculture will be distributed.and the Group will reconvene in the afternoon to discuss the new texts.

Co-Chairs Modesto Francisco Fernandez Diaz-Silveira and Patrick McDonnell, Ireland 

Ositadinma Anaedu, Nigeria, with Julio Mascarenhas, Portugal

l (Listen to the G-77/China's intervention on Land Resources) The G-77/China, with BRAZIL and INDONESIA, said the UN Secretary-General's Report on Integrated Planning and Management of Land Resources ignored the international dimension of sustainable land development and offered little on resolving technical problems. He said the CSD Secretariat was promoting Eurocentric concepts. He saidland ownership in developing countries was governed by culture and tradition.

(Listen to the EU's intervention) The EU called for, inter alia, the promotion of productive land use systems, the prevention of urban sprawl, and the protection of critical resources and ecosystems together with poverty eradication.He described good urban management and spatial appreciation of the land-use interdependence between rural and urban areas, and said these were key to sustainable urban development and sustainable livelihoods for the poor. EU said that the CSD should encourage governments to promulgate laws that guarantee secure tenure and access to land, particularly for marginalized groups. He also called for soil protection measures as a prerequisite for food production and security, and the protection of biodiversity. .

Chief Bisi Ogunleye, CSD NGO Women's Caucus (right) She recommended that the CSD draw up timetables for governments to ensure that laws guarantee women's equal rights to own and inherit land.

The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (above left) identified measures to strengthen local government including improved coordination of national and local policies.

Chief Bisi Ogunleye with ENB writer Jon Hanks (left), and Ositadinma Anaedu, Nigeria
DiSano and McDonnell before the convening of the afternoon session on agriculture

Women and Sustainable Development:2000-2002
Commitments Benchmarked for the year 2000-Are we going to Review?

This side event, sponsored by the CSD NGO Women's Caucus, addressed the issue of women and sustainable development. Speakers discussed commitments, the linkages between different processes and options for reviewing implementation. The event highlighted that the full and equal participation of women is an indispensable prerequisite of sustainable development. Agenda 21 recognizes this, and in addition to Chapter 24, "Global Action for Women Towards Sustainable Development", Agenda 21 has over 100 other references pertaining to women. Some recommendations have been benchmarked for the year 2000, such as urging governments to issue their strategies to overcome obstacles towards women's full participation in sustainable development and in public life by the year 2000. The Women's Caucus has produced a position paper on "Women and Sustainable Development: Recommendations in Agenda 21 and Related Documents and Suggestions for a Review of Implementation." For this document go to

Left to right: Patricia Holden, United Kingdom, Alison Drayton, Guyana, Chair Chief Bisi Ogunleye, Women's Caucus, Country Women's Association of Nigeria, and WEDO, Minu Hemmati, Co-facilitator Women's Caucus
June Zeitlin, Executive Director, WEDO (left) and Diana Lee-Smith, Habitat (right)


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