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Ad Hoc Intersessional Working Groups of CSD-8
New York, 22 February- 3 March 2000

Highlights from Thursday, 2 March
Ad Hoc Working Group on Integrated Planning and Management of Land Resources and Agriculture

The Intersessional Ad Hoc Working Group met in the afternoon to hear a briefing from CSD-8 Chair Juan Mayr (Colombia) and to consider the Co-Chairs' draft Summary of the Discussion and Possible Elements for a Draft CSD-8 Decision on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD).The Co-Chairs' revised draft Summary of the Discussion and Elements for a Possible Decision on Integrated Planning and Management of Land Resources was distributed during the meeting of the AHWG.

CSD-8 Chair Juan Mayr, Colombia

Juan Mayr briefs the Working Group on the CSD Bureau meeting

Minister Mayr informed delegates that he expected the results from the two CSD Intersessional Ad Hoc Working Groups to provide an excellent foundation for debates at the High-Level Segment at CSD-8. He reported that open invitations had been distributed to governments. The CSD-8 Chair said he wished to have the CSD operate as an open forum for an exchange of ideas, with few formal inputs. Mayr also reported that he had extended an invitation to the UN Secretary-General to deliver an opening statement at CSD-8.

Juan Mayr with Co-Chair Patrick McDonnell

Manuel Dengo, Division of Sustainable Development, Allison Drayton, Guyana, and Heba Fikry Basseli, Egypt

Poland (right) reading reviewing the ENB before the opening of the meeting. On the priority issue of genetic resources, Poland suggested adding reference to farm-animal genetic resources, noting the FAO's country-driven strategy.

Mark Hambley, US

Regarding the priority issue of Integrated Pest Management, the US emphasized the potential of sustainable alternatives to unsustainable chemical use. On information exchange and dissemination, he suggested encouraging the private sector to promote access to information for groups, including farm workers, women and small-scale farmers.

Wilfrid Legg, Head of Agricultural Policies and Environment, OECD, with ENB writers Stefan Fritz and Peter Doran discussing the OECD's position on agriculture and its contributions to the CSD, and the results of the week


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