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Chair Jabbari introduced the CST's draft decisions (ICCD/COP(2)/L.1-4, L.4/Rev.1 and CRP.3)
In Plenary, SWITZERLAND proposed a new paragraph calling upon parties to submit contributions on their own experience with early-warning systems no later than 31 March 1999 to facilitate discussion at CST-3. The CST Chair pointed out that the Swiss proposal was not raised during CST discussions
Cheikh Abdoul Kadre Cissokho, President of the National Assembly of Senegal, chaired the INTERPARLIAMENTARY ROUND TABLE. Tana de Zulueta (Italy), Ohki Hiroshi (Japan), Hugo Andres Araujo de la Torre (Mexico) and Grant Chapman (Australia) served as Vice-Presidents and Jean Ziegler (Switzerland) served as Rapporteur. Executive Secretary Diallo said he hoped the discussion would provide insight to the contribution parliamentarians could make to the Convention's implementation and their view of the role of legislators in heightening awareness.
S. Viera of the International Parlementarian Union, presents the draft declaration by MPs.
The ENB writers discussing the week to come over lunch.

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