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Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director of UNEP, said it could offer the CCD support based on four main areas of expertise: GEF projects; assessment; synergies with other conventions and among environmental and socio-economic development concerns; and support to regional coordination through UNEP's six regional offices, which he plans to strengthen further, particularly in Africa.
Sir Toaripi Lauti, Special Envoy of the Prime Minister of Tuvalu, highlighted the needs of the South Pacific region and requested Secretariat attention to the region.
Cheik Abdoul Kadre Cissokho, President of the National Assembly of Senegal and Chair of the Interparliamentary Round Table delivered the Declaration by Members of Parliaments. The Declaration appealed to civil society, academic institutions, the Interparliamentary Union and the CCD Secretariat to mobilize financial resources to support the fight against desertification, publicize and transmit the Declaration to all national parliaments for their attention and organize similar meetings at future COPs.
Jean Clement, of the Forestry Department of the FAO, said the FAO can support implementation by, inter alia, acting as a mediator and technical assistant in support of NAPs and through the identification and dissemination of best practices.
Lolita Hilario, Ministry of the Environment of Mozambique, noted her country's national legislation for environmental protection and national funding program for implementing the CCD.
Rene Gomes Garcia Palas, Director-General of Watershed Management of Bolivia, discussed a sub-regional action programme aimed at solving the desertification problem in the South America plateau area. He also highlighted the need for coordination between NAPs and subregional and regional endeavors.

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