Highlights and images of main proceedings for 18 October 2018



Highlights for Thursday, 18 October 2018

View of the Plenary during the High-level Event on the right to food. ©FAO

CFS 45On Thursday, CFS 45 held a Global Thematic Event on the on right to food, discussed critical and emerging issues for food security and nutrition, and considered a report by the High-level Panel of Experts (HLPE) titled “Multistakeholder Partnerships to Finance and Improve Food Security and Nutrition in the Framework of the 2030 Agenda.”

During the Global Thematic Event, keynote speakers, panelists and members reviewed the uptake of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Progressive Realization of the Right to Adequate Food and shared lessons and experiences. Speakers stressed, among other issues:

  • The need to make a clear connection between the right to food and food security;
  • The need to link the right to food to all Human Rights and to use rights-based approaches;
  • The responsibility of states to embed the right to food into their constitutions and ensure involvement of all citizens in relevant decisions; and
  • The importance of the right to food for achieving all SDGs.
  • The discussion on critical and emerging issues focused on future work of the HLPE, including whether the HLPE should develop a stocktaking report and global narrative on food security and nutrition or focus on emerging issues. Members made numerous suggestions for new issues. They eventually decided to ask the HLPE to produce a stocktaking report and to task the Bureau with the development of a process for selecting critical and emerging issues for future work.

    In response to the report on multistakeholder partnerships, several members noted that partnerships for financing cannot replace government support. Delegates also discussed follow-up action by the CFS.

    IISD Reporting Services, through its ENB+ Meeting Coverage, has provided daily web updates and a summary report from CFS 45.

    Hilal Elver, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food ©FAO
    Livia Pomodoro, UNESCO Chair on the Right to Food ©FAO
    Peter Schmidt, Sustainable Development Observatory of the European Economic and Social Committee ©FAO
    Ramona Duminicioiou, CSM Coordination Committee ©FAO
    Representative of the World Farmers’ Organization (WFO) ©FAO
    Issiaka Bictogo, Food Security and National Council, Burkina Faso ©FAO
    Delegate from the US ©FAO
    Moraka Makhura, HLPE Project Team Leader presenting the HLPE report on Multistakeholder Partnerships to Finance and Improve Food Security and Nutrition in the Framework of the 2030 Agenda ©FAO
    Mario Arvelo (Dominican Republic), CFS Chair ©FAO
    Delegate from Nigeria ©FAO
    Delegate from Germany ©FAO
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