Highlights and images of main proceedings for 9 October 2018



Highlights for Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Sauli Niinistö, President of the Republic of Finland

On Tuesday, 9 October, the Arctic Biodiversity Congress 2018 opened in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Sauli Niinistö, President of the Republic of Finland, welcomed participants underlining the need to foster interactions between scientists and policy makers. He highlighted that the Arctic is not isolated from the rest of the globe, pointing to the region’s role as breeding ground for migratory birds. Niinistö also emphasized that climate change should not only be in the headlines when a new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is published, but needs to “stay firmly on the agenda for the foreseeable future.”In the morning, participants attended a plenary session entitled “Our knowledge, Our actions: addressing biodiversity conservation in a changing Arctic,” which highlighted the significant consequences of climate change in the Arctic region, discussed mechanisms to foster co-production between scientists and traditional knowledge holders, and emphasized the need to engage industry actors. In the afternoon, the group of almost 500 participants divided itself among several parallel sessions discussing, inter alia:

  • the impact of reduced ice cover in the Arctic marine environment;
  • trends in circumpolar Arctic freshwaters;
  • cultural heritage and land-use planning;
  • early warning and approaches to measuring changes in biodiversity;
  • reducing the effects of commercial fishing on biodiversity;
  • Arctic biodiversity education and outreach;
  • promoting ecosystem services of Arctic wetlands for sustainable development; and
  • responsible mining.
  • In the evening, there was a showcase of short films such as “Our Shared Heritage: Arctic Breeding Birds in the Yellow Sea.”

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    Photos by IISD/ENB | Mike Muzurakis

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    Tiina Sanila-Aikio, President of the Sámi Parliament, Finland
    Tom Barry, Executive Secretary, Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)
    Anna Morottaja performing during the openning session.
    Cynthia Jacobson, Chair, CAFF
    Aulikki Alanen, Ministry of Environment, Finland
    Dalee Sambo Dorough, Chair, Inuit Circumpolar Council
    Ambassador Aleksi Härkönen, Senior Arctic Officials Chair
    Plenary Panel - Our Knowledge, our Αctions: Addressing Βiodiversity Conservation in a Changing Arctic
    From L-R: Moderator Martin Breum; Tasha Elizarde, Arctic Youth Ambassador, US; Gunn-Britt Retter, Saami Council; Mike Gill, Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON); and Vladimir Kattsov, Director, Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory
    Mike Gill, GEO BON
    Vladimir Kattsov, Director, Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory
    Tasha Elizarde, Arctic Youth Ambassador, US, and Gunn-Britt Retter, Saami Council
    The Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme (CBMP) Freshwater: Coordinated Monitoring and Assessment to Improve Knowledge on Status and Trends in Circumpolar Arctic Freshwaters
    Maria Kahlert, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
    Kirsten Seestern Christoffersen, University of Copenhagen
    Willem Goedkoop, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
    Seppo Hellsten, Finnish Environment Institute
    Jennifer Lento, University of New Brunswick
    Large Herbivores as Agents of Ecosystem Based Management in the Circumpolar Arctic
    Howard Epstein, University of Virginia
    Tim Horstkotte, Umeå University
    The CBMP as an International Player and a Regional Biodiversity Observation Network of GEO BON: Exploring Synergies
    Alexander Shestakov, Secretariat, UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
    Sara Longan, Executive Director, North Slope Science Initiative
    Tom Christensen, CAFF
    Petteri Vihervaara, Finnish Environment Institute
    The Problem of the Polar Bear: Does the Symbol of the Arctic Prevent us from Fixing the Arctic?
    From L-R: Gabriel Stenek, Arctic Youth Ambassador, US; Sanna Vannar, Arctic Youth Ambassador, Sweden; and Leanne Clare, WWF-Canada
    Gabriel Stenek, Arctic Youth Ambassador, US
    Leanne Clare, WWF-Canada
    Michael Alexander, WWF-International
    Understanding Cumulative Effects on Arctic Biodiversity and Landscapes
    View of the panel during the discussion.
    Mikhail Pogodaev, Northern Forum
    Levi Westerveld, GRID-Arendal
    The State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report
    Edda Johannesen, Norwegian Institute of Marine Research
    Connie Lovejoy, Université Laval
    Cecilie von Quillfeldt, Norwegian Polar Institute
    Lis Lindal Jørgensen, Norwegian Institute of Marine Research
    Around the Venue
    Activists outside the Congress holding "no consent, no access" banners, protesting against the Arctic Railway project connecting the Baltic to the Barents Sea.


    Non-state coalitions