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Geneva, 3-14 May 1999


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Briefing for Wednesday, 12 May

On the eighth day of IFF-3, delegates met in a morning Plenary session to further deliberate international mechanisms and arrangements. Following the Plenary, Working Group 1 convened to finalize Co-Chairs' Reports on forest conservation and protected areas, forest research, monitoring progress in implementation. Contact groups on trade and environment, transfer of ESTs, negotiation of Working Group 2 programme elements, including valuation and economic instruments, and international mechanisms and arrangements meet intermittently throughout the day. Deliberations continued late into the evening as delegates hurried to complete their work.

Photos and RealAudio from Wednesday, 12 May

Co-Chair llkka Ristimäki chats to Barbara Ruis, consultant to the IFF, before the Plenary.

Delegates confer prior to the opening of the Plenary.

Bill Mankin, Global Forest Policy Project, studies the ENB daily summary with fellow NGO participants.

Annie Wong, ENB, chats with the US delegate, Jan McAlpine.
Rod Holesgrove the Australian delegate makes an intervention on paragraph 5.
Delegates Jan McAlpine, USA and Tsuguo Ban, Japan.
  Delegates from Australia and Canada discuss paragraph 5, Agenda Item 4.
Canada intervenes on Agenda Item 4.
A painting exhibited by the renowned Chinese artist Yusheng Zhao. The Exhibition was opened today at the UN by the Ambassador for China, Zong Huai Qiao.

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