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Forty-second Session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC-42) and Associated Sessions of the Committees
7-12 May 2007, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB)

Summary Report


May 2007

ITTC-42 Highlights: Saturday, 12 May 2007

On Saturday, May 12, the Council resumed the previous night's meeting at the PNG Parliament to vote for ED. After verifying the credentials of 47 countries plus the EC, the Secretariat explained the voting procedure. Indonesia, on a point of order, sought clarification on whether a quorum existed for voting. The Secretariat responded affirmatively. Malaysia took the floor but was interrupted by the Chair because the intervention was not on a point of order. Malaysia then exited the room, followed by Indonesia and Thailand.

The Council proceeded to two rounds of voting. After the first round, the Secretariat announced that Emmanuel Ze Meka had received 100% of votes from Producer countries (12 countries). Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand abstained through absence. For Consumers, Jürgen Blaser had received 67.8% of the votes cast. Hans Müller received 32.2% of the votes. The Republic of Korea abstained. In the second round, the Producer countries again united in supporting Ze Meka. Blaser received 64.7% of the votes cast. France abstained and China and the Republic of Korea voted for Ze Meka.

After a lengthy break for consultations, Jürgen Blaser, for Switzerland, announced the withdrawal of his candidacy and received a lengthy standing ovation. The US, supported by the EC, China, Brazil, Mexico, Norway and Japan, paid tribute to Blaser. Brazil, supported by Mexico, noted the lessons learnt on adjustments needed in the Organization, including on making Producer-Consumer relations less confrontational. With that, delegates approved the election of Emmanuel Ze Meka by acclamation with a standing ovation.

After Chair Machiavello closed the forty-second session of the Council, delegates were treated to performances by local dancers. The PNG government hosted a reception later that evening with local food and performances.

Morning Plenary: Closing Session

No photography was allowed in the main chamber of the parliament building. However, our In the Corridors correspondent caught a glimpse of informal discussions taking place just prior to the second vote for Executive Director.

PNG Wishes Delegates Farewell

Your Earth Negotiations Bulletin team with local dancers.

Jason Sigamata, PNG Forest Authority, accepts a certificate recognizing the tremendous contribution of local support staff.

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