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Istanbul+5 PrepCom II
Nairobi, Kenya;
19-23 February 2001


The second substantive session of the preparatory committee (PrepCom II) for the Special Session of the General Assembly (UNGASS) for an overall review and appraisal of the implementation of the Habitat Agenda took place from 19-23 February 2001, at the United Nations Center for Human Settlements (UNCHS) in Nairobi, Kenya. Over 500 government delegates from 98 countries, 200 NGO representatives, 30 representatives of local authorities, 26 representatives from the UN and intergovernmental organizations, and 10 parliamentarians attended. Left: Chair Garcia-Durán, moments before he gaveled PrepCom II to a close at 11:30 pm.
During the PrepCom, delegates met in Plenary sessions for general debate on the draft report on the overall review and appraisal of implementation and the draft declaration on the cities and other human settlements in the new millennium and on further actions and initiatives for the implementation of the Habitat Agenda. The draft declaration was then forwarded to the Drafting Committee for negotiations. The Committee of the Whole (COW) dealt with issues of procedure and organizational matters relating to the June 2001 special session.
At the end of the week, delegates adopted the PrepCom's report, one resolution and six decisions covering various issues relating to the special session, including a proposal on how to structure discussion among the various Habitat Agenda partners, organizational arrangements for the special session, which include the rules of procedure, and a 62-paragraph declaration on cities and other human settlements in the new millennium. Continued in the ENB's summary - see links, above right.

Ken Macartney, Canadian delegation [left] discussing a draft proposal with Chair Konukiewitz [center] and an unidentified French delegate [left] during the extended final session of the Drafting Committee.

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Manfred Konukiewitz (Germany), Chair of the Drafting Committee, giving his report to the final plenary, which convened at 7:45 pm.

When consensus could not be reached on the provision to guarantee 8 speaking slots to non-States (i.e. UN organizations, local authorities and NGOs), it was put to a vote [right]. Results of the vote to support the US motion to delete the paragraph: For: 3, Against: 45, Abstentions: 7. The non-States will thus be assured of being able to address the Plenary of the Special Session of the GA.

In her closing remarks, UNCHS Executive Director Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka expressed hope that UNGASS discussions will lead to a reaffirmation of this commitment and that the declaration will recommit the international community to the process of Istanbul, and thanked partners for their understanding of the procedures of the General Assembly. She said the Center will produce a global report on human settlements be ready for the special session.
RealAudio of the E.D.'s statement
In his closing remarks, Chair Germán Garcia-Durán recognized the efforts of all who participated, thanked the Chairs of the committees and the Secretariat, and also extended thanks to the representative of the General Assembly for her guidance. He then gaveled PrepCom II to a close at 11:30 pm.
RealAudio of the Chair's statement

The ENB PrepCom II team, from left to right: Wagaki Mwangi (Kenya), Leila Mead (USA), Tonya Barnes (USA). Behind the camera: Andrei Henry (Canada)

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