2016 International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress
Planet at the Crossroads

1-10 September 2016 | Honolulu, US

Highlights for Friday, 2 September 2016

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A delegate writes a message to highlight the importance of nature

On Friday, the second day of the IUCN WCC, participants attended the first day of the Forum, during which they focused on exploring solutions to some of the planet’s most pressing conservation and sustainability challenges. During the opening ceremony, Prince Charles, via video, shared a Hawaiian proverb, “Pupukahi i holomua – we must unite to move forward.” Inger Andersen, IUCN Director General, said the IUCN’s role is to raise awareness about the planet being at a crossroads. Tom Friedman, the New York Times, highlighted that “later is officially over, we can remove it from the dictionary as later will now be too late.” Brooke Runnette, National Geographic Society, shared efforts to empower people and create a community of change. Hong Youngpyo, Republic of Korea, reviewed progress since the 2012 WCC, saying that “we can choose a path of co-existence or no existence at all.”

In a high-level event on championing nature-based solutions, panelists discussed economic and security risks posed by climate change, the valuable role of ecosystems and biodiversity to combat climate change, and other co-benefits of protecting nature and empowering women.

In another high-level event on leveraging private sector finance for public good, Naoko Ishii, the GEF CEO and Chairperson, said "the way to transform the economic system is to change the way the private sector sees the value of nature."

Events continued into the evening, when IUCN and the UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) launched "Protected Planet Report 2016."

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth and Diego Noguera
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Forum Opening Ceremony

A Hawai‘ian Blessing Ceremony the opening of the Forum

Welcome video from Prince Charles

Alison Sudol, Goodwill Ambassador, IUCN

Tom Friedman, Foreign Affairs Columnist, the New York Times

Brooke Runnette, Executive Vice President, Chief Program and Impact Officer, National Geographic Society

US President Barack Obama and Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer, during his visit to Hawai‘i prior to the start of the Congress

Panelists applaud during the session

Inger Andersen, Director General, IUCN

Hong Youngpyo, Representative of the 2012 World
Conservation Congress host, Republic of Korea

Panel discussion entitled 'Move into Action: The ecosystems that underpin our economies, well-being and survival are collapsing'

Sally Jewell, US Secretary of the Interior

Peter Bakker, President and CEO, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Irina Bokova, Director General, UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Erik Solheim, Executive Director, UNEP

Naoko Ishii, CEO and Chairperson,
the Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Alejandro Del Mazo Maza, National Commissioner
for Natural Protected Areas, Mexico

Edward Osborne Wilson, University Research Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

Climate Change: Championing Nature-Based Solutions

Panel speakers during the session

Inger Andersen, Director General, IUCN

Moderator Tom Friedman, Foreign Affairs Columnist, the New York Times

Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Prime Minister Enele Sosene Sopoaga, Tuvalu

Xavier Sticker, Ambassador for the Environment, France

Peter Seligmann, Chairman and CEO, Conservation International

Martha Rojas-Urrego, Secretary General, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

Tom Butler, President and CEO, International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM)

Participants during the session

Islands at Risk: Meeting the Global Challenge of Invasive Alien Species

Panelists of the event

Braulio Dias, Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Executive Secretary

Kevin Smith, Invasive Species Programme Officer, IUCN

Moderator Anna Tira‘a, IUCN

Piero Genovesi, Chair, Invasive Species Specialist Group, IUCN

A slide shown during the presentation

Participants discuss matters in breakout groups

A graphic recording of the proceedings done by Leah Silverman

Youth participants during the session

Private Finance for Public Good

Panel speakers for the session

Christy Goldfuss, Managing Director, White House
Council on Environmental Quality

Naoko Ishii, CEO and Chairperson, the GEF

Camilla Seth, Executive Director, Sustainable Finance, JPMorgan Chase

Fabian Huwyler, Vice President, Global Sustainability Group, Credit Suisse

Julia Bucknall, Director for Environment and Natural Resources, World Bank

Dale Galvin, Managing Director of Sustainable Markets and Finance, Rare

Terry Tamminen, CEO, Leonardo
DiCaprio Foundation

John Tobin, Cornell College of Business and Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, Cornell University

Stephan Opitz, Director General for Policy and Latin American Region, KfW Development Bank

Lynn Scarlett, Global Managing Director for
Public Policy, the Nature Conservancy

Members of the Coalition for Private Investment in Conservation, which was launched during the event

The Road Ahead: Toyota and the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - Driving Private Sector Engagement for Biodiversity Conservation

Panelists during the session

Jane Smart, Global Director, Biodiversity Conservation Group, IUCN

Braulio Dias, CBD Executive Secretary

Tom Stricker, Toyota Motor North America

Judith Garber, US Department of State

Hesiquio Benítez Díaz, Director General, International Cooperation and Implementation, CONABIO, Mexico

Participants attend a reception in the evening

Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) Consultative Forum: Exchanging Experience
on Application of the KBA Standard at the National Level

Panel speakers for the event

Annabelle Cuttelod, KBA Project Coordinator

Moderator Simon Stuart, Chair, IUCN Species Survival Commission

Saw Htun, Wildlife Conservation
Society, Myanmar

Paul Matiku,Director, Nature Kenya

Zoltan Waliczky, Birdlife International

Olivier Langrand, Executive Director, Critical
Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)

Mark Zimsky, the GEF

Participants discuss KBA standards in breakout groups

Natural Capital Protocol and Sector Guides Hawai‘i Launch

Participants gather for the launch event

Mark Gough, Natural Capital Coalition

Holly Dublin, IUCN

Peter Bakker, WBCSD

Peter Seligmann, Chairman and CEO, Conservation International

A participant writes the ingredients of the “cocktail” needed for getting the Protocol widely adopted

Conservation Case - High Seas

Participants engage on how to build coalitions and input into international processes

David Freestone, Executive Secretary, Sargasso Sea Commission

Carl Gustaf Lundin, IUCN

David VanderZwaag, Dalhousie University, Canada

Antonio Claparols, Ecological Society of the Philippines

Marine Seismic Surveys: Management Guidelines

Moderator Carl Gustaf Lundin, IUCN

Douglas Nowacek, Nicholas School of
the Environment, Duke University

Participants during the event

Ecosystems and Society in a Changing World: Experience, Exchange, and Learning about Ecosystem-Based Adaptation and Eco-Disaster Risk Reduction that Works!

Paul Schumacher, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Udo Nehren, University of Applied Sciences Cologne

Jaruwan Enright, Mangrove Action Project

Participants engage during the session

L-R: Udo Nehren, University of Applied Science Cologne; Paul Schumacher, GIZ; Karen Sudmeier-Rieux, IUCN;
Adam Whelchel, the Nature Conservancy; Shaun Martin, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Launch of IUCN/UNEP-WCMC Protected Planet 2016 Report

Neville Ash, Director, UNEP World Conservation
Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC)

Nina Bhola, UNEP WCMC

Marina Von Weissenberg, Ministerial Advisor, Finland

Kathy MacKinnon, Chair, WCPA

Norbert Bärlocher, Office of Environment, Switzerland

Braulio Dias, CBD Executive Secretary

Participants during the event

Press Conferences Throughout the Day

Press conference on elephant conservation initiatives

Press Conference with Edward Osborne Wilson, University Research Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

Around the Venue

Delegates around the venue

Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC,
speaks with Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga, Tuvalu

Erik Solheim, Executive Director, UN Environment Programme (UNEP), being interviewed by Nicole de Paula and Hernán Aguilar, Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB)

Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace

Meg Taylor, Secretary General to the Pacific
Islands Forum, speaks with participants

Exhibits on display throughout the venue

With backgrounds painted by an elephant, this 'inter-species' art from the Rama Exhibition
aims at raising awareness about the plight of endangered species

Daily Web CoverageAbout | 1 Sep | 2 Sep | 3 Sep | 4 Sep | 5 Sep | 6 Sep | 7 Sep | 9 Sep | 10 Sep | Summary
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