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30 January 2000
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Linkages Journal we've seen in the New Year by ringing in the changes. As ever, our aim is to provide up-to-date, topical information on international negotiations relating to the environment, sustainable development and trade-environment fields. We remain committed to providing those interested or involved in these areas with a one-stop source of information on relevant issues, literature and events. As part of that commitment, we've been reviewing Linkages Journal and identifying ways to make it even more informative and helpful.

We will be introducing a number of improvements over the coming weeks and months. For a start, you'll notice that Linkages Journal will be published more often. This means the information we provide - such as our reports on recent meetings or and the details we give you about upcoming events - will be more accurate and up-to-the-minute. And for those who read our publication online in PDF format, you'll also start to see a number of stylistic changes intended to make Linkages Journal a more valuable read. For instance, it will now be easier for you to obtain further details on any event or issue we report on. That's because we're now providing direct links to e-mail addresses and other web sites within our publication. So if you're online, just point-and-click at the address to connect straight to the extra information you're seeking.

We will also be adding some new sections to Linkages Journal. In this issue, we've introduced a "Comings and Goings" section that reports on key personnel changes at relevant United Nations agencies, other international organizations, government departments and non-governmental organizations. And in future issues we'll be adding a "Media Updates" section to keep in you in touch with the latest press releases and reports on key happenings in your area.

The views and opinions of our readers are of prime importance in ensuring that Linkages Journal is as informative and useful as possible. In late March we will be asking all our readers to respond to a questionnaire that lets us know your views on Linkages Journal and how we can improve it further. In the meantime, don't hesitate to forward any comments, feedback or suggestions to us at:

I would like to thank Langston "Kimo" Goree VI, Managing Director of IISD's Reporting Services, and Chad Carpenter, my predecessor as Editor of Linkages Journal, for ensuring that the changes we've introduced to Linkages Journal have been implemented effectively.

Chris Spence - Editor, Linkages Journal

From Linkages Journal Volume 5 Number 1 - 31 January 2000