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The FAO's General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) announced that Rome, Italy, will be the site of its new headquarters. The GFCM is an intergovernmental organization established within the FAO framework and comprised of 23 Member countries and the Commission of the European Union. Its mission is to promote the development, rational management, responsible utilization and conservation of living marine resources in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.


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Mediterranean Fisheries Commission to be Headquartered in Rome, FAO news, 22 February 2005





The European Commission's second annual Environment Policy Review (EPR) was released in January 2005. The EPR highlights the main developments in environmental policy at EU and Member State level in 2004 and indicates the main issues to come up in 2005. The EPR also serves to monitor progress towards the EU's key environmental goals, as set out in the 6th Environmental Action Programme. The 2004 Review highlights the relationship between environment and the economy, and points to new evidence on how environment policy and eco-innovation can promote economic growth and maintain and create jobs. It confirms recent data that eco-industries have been performing better than the rest of the economy. Europe needs to invest more in innovative ways to protect the environment while boosting the EU's competitiveness. The EPR is intended to provide the environmental input to feed into discussions at the EU Spring Council.


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European Commission 2004 Environment Policy Review



Qatar handed the Chairmanship of the Group of 77 to Jamaica on 25 January. In his statement at the handing over ceremony in New York, Jamaica's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade K.D. Knight highlighted the Group's priorities for 2005, including: increasing resource flows to developing countries, improving global governance, formulating a common development agenda, enhancing South-South cooperation, and exploring new mechanisms in the area of disaster management and relief.


During the ceremony, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan underscored the need for the G-77 to maintain focus on development and promote urgent consideration of new ideas on how to raise resources for development. According to a UN press release, Annan identified the UK-proposed International Finance Facility and Brazil's initiative on hunger and Poverty as means of supporting the development agenda.


Links to further information

Jamaica's statement at the handing over ceremony, 25 January 2005

UN press release, 25 January 2005



The United Kingdom assumed the Presidency of the G8 on 1 January 2005. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has indicated that the focus of the Presidency will be on the challenges of Africa and climate change. Among other things, the focus on Africa will seek to further develop the Joint Africa/G8 plan - agreed at the Evian G8 Summit in 2003 - to enhance African capabilities to undertake peace support operations.


On climate change, Prime Minister Blair has said the issue is "probably, long-term the single most important issue we face as a global community." The UK's three broad aims for climate change in 2005 comprise: building a scientific foundation, in particular on exploring the relationships between greenhouse gas emissions and the associated level of climate change; reaching agreement on how to speed up the science, development of technology and other measures necessary to meet the threat; and engaging countries outside the G8 who have growing energy needs, such as China and India, on how these needs can be met sustainably and how they can adapt to climate change impacts.


Other topics that will be addressed during the 2005 G8 Summit, which will take place at the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland from 6-8 July, include counter terrorism, non proliferation and supporting reform in the Middle East.


Several key meetings will feed into the Gleneagles Summit, including:

  • 1-3 February: Scientific Conference on Climate Change, Hadley Centre for Climate Research and Prediction, Met Office, Exeter, UK

  • 4-5 February: G7 Finance Ministers meeting, London, UK

  • 10-11 March: G8 Employment Ministers Meeting, London, UK

  • 15-16 March: International Energy/Environment Ministers Roundtable, London, UK

  • 17-18 March: G8 Environment and Development Ministers Meeting, Derbyshire, UK

  • 11-12 May: Workshop on Innovation and Research for Energy - WIRE, Oxford, UK

  • 16-17 June: G8 Justice and Interior Ministers, Sheffield, UK


The Russian Federation will head the 2006 Presidency, and Germany will take the reigns in 2007.


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G8 Gleneagles 2005 website  


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