Panel speakers for The Role of NBSAPs and NAPs in Scaling Nature-Based Infrastructure

Panel speakers for the role of NBSAPs and NAPs in scaling nature-based infrastructure (L-R): Liesbeth Casier, IISD; Santiago Aparicio, Americas Flyways Initiative, Audubon Americas; Nathalie Bernasconi-Osterwalder, Executive Director, IISD Europe; Chizuru Aoki, Lead Environmental Specialist, GEF Secretariat; and Anne Hammil, Senior Director, IISD



IISD/ENB - Kiara Worth

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Highlights and images for 15 December 2022

Rio Conventions Pavilion at COP 15

Morning panelists explored what wholesale transformative change requires from human society while afternoon speakers highlighted nature-based climate solutions that are helping communities and countries adapt to climate change. 
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