Surfing Panel -OCEAN - SideEvent - 9dec2023 - Photo

(L:R): Moderator Ignace Beguin, Climate Champions Team; Gabriel Muswali, EARFISH; Moafanua Tolusina Pouli, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Samoa; Abdou Karim Sall, Joal-Fadouth Marine Protected Area, Senegal; translator Mamadou Dia, Senegal; and Megan Morikawa, Global Director of Sustainability, Iberostar Hotels

Appears in:

Nature First: From Land to Ocean, Our Best Ally for Climate Action

On Nature, Lands and Oceans Day, the Marrakech Partnership on Oceans and Coastal Zones and Land Use took audience members on an ‘adventure’ from land to ocean to showcase initiatives to reverse biodiversity decline, increase ecosystem and human resilience to climate change, and achieve a sustainable balance within planetary boundaries.
Event 9 December 2023