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Twenty-sixth Meeting of the Open-ended Working Group
3-6 July 2006 | Montréal, Canada
OEWG-26 Highlights

Highlights for Wednesday, 5 July 2006

OEWG-26 continued on Wednesday with parties meeting in morning and afternoon plenary sessions to conclude substantive discussions of the outstanding agenda items. The issues addressed included: Canada’s proposal for an adjustment of the Montreal Protocol; the draft disclosure of interest guidelines for bodies such as the TEAP and its TOCs; and the timing of meetings in 2007. The morning plenary session finished early so as to allow for five contact groups to meet. These contact groups addressed: the draft terms of reference for case studies on the environmentally sound destruction of ODS; stockpiles of ODS in the context of non-compliance; difficulties faced by some Article 5 parties in phasing out CFC-based MDIs; the draft disclosure of interest guidelines; and Canada’s proposal for an adjustment to the Montreal Protocol. By the close of Wednesday afternoon’s plenary session, delegates had completed substantive discussion of all items on the OEWG-26 agenda and Co-Chair Land indicated that they would reconvene at 5.00pm on Thursday for the closing plenary.

Canada’s proposal for an adjustment of the Montreal Protocol
Bangladesh, with Argentina, Brazil, the US and the EC, said that while the Canadian proposal has some merit, the production of CFCs for use in MDIs is an important issue and that further consideration of the proposal is necessary to ensure that health sector needs are met
Timing of MOP-19
Guidelines for the disclosure of interests for bodies such as TEAP and its TOCs
Japan suggested that MOP-19 be held at its usual time with side events held to commemorate the Montreal Protocol’s twentieth anniversary
Australia called for consistency with the treatment of disclosure under other multilateral environmental agreements and underscored the need to increase transparency without preventing expert participation
The EU requested more time to prepare submissions on the future of the Montreal Protocol for discussion at MOP-18
The International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium reiterated its support for a timely and effective transition to CFC-free MDIs, balancing patient health and environmental concerns
St Lucia noted its success in transitioning away from CFC use in the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector and said further help with the transition would be appreciated
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