Dina Hestad (Dr.)


Dina Hestad is a Writer with the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, as well as a Research Advisor for cCHANGE, a social enterprise in Oslo that offers knowledge and inspiration for transformations in a changing climate.

Dina has a decade of experience researching and advising NGOs, businesses, and governments from around the world on promoting climate change adaptation and transformations, including working with the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, UNDP’s Program of Assistance to the Palestinian People, the Norwegian Consultancy Sund Energy, and the Australian NGO Global Voices.

With ENB since 2015 she has covered a wide range of processes including UNCCD, UNFCCC, CBD, GEF, and IUCN. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute – where she researched how “Sustainability-Oriented Hybrid Organisations” help promote sustainability transformations in cities, such as Istanbul and Barcelona – a Master of Environment (University of Melbourne), and a Bachelor of Human Geography (University of Oslo).