Jennifer Bansard

Team Leader, Writer

Jennifer Bansard is a Team Leader and Writer with the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, as well as a Doctoral Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Potsdam. A French and German national, she has worked on climate change and marine biodiversity since 2010, including at the German Environment Ministry and the UN Biodiversity Secretariat.

With the ENB since 2017, she contributes to reporting on climate change negotiations, often focusing on adaptation and finance issues. Her academic research on the contribution of non-state actors to climate change mitigation – especially of transnational city networks – has been widely read and cited, including by the UN Environment Programme in its flagship Emission Gap Report.

Jennifer also follows a number of biodiversity processes, both at the global level, such as on biodiversity beyond national jurisdictions (BBNJ), as well as at the regional level, such as in the Arctic. In 2019, she covered the Plenary of the Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, which ties in well with her research into science-policy interactions and the role of knowledge in environmental governance.

Jennifer has an international and interdisciplinary academic education and holds Masters Degrees in Environment and Resource Management (VU Amsterdam, Netherlands), International Relations (Sciences Po Aix, France) and Applied Political Sciences (University of Freiburg, Germany).