Stefan Jungcurt (Dr.)

Team Leader, Writer, and Editor

Stefan Jungcurt leads IISD’s work on indicators and data for SDG monitoring.

Since 2003, Stefan has worked for IISD in various positions, including writer and team leader for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, content editor for the SDG Knowledge Hub, and project officer on climate change and energy. He was also a program manager and research associate at the Council of Canadian Academies. Stefan’s previous work has focused on science-policy interactions in the areas of energy, sustainable agriculture, genetic resources for food and agriculture, and linkages between international regulation on biodiversity conservation and other issue areas such as trade and climate change. He completed his Ph.D. on institutional interplay in global environmental governance at Humboldt University, Berlin in 2007. Originally from Germany, Stefan is based in Gatineau, Québec.