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UN Commission on Population and Development
Resumed Session of the ICPD+5 PrepCom
24 - 29 June 1999
Twenty-first Special Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGASS-21)
30 June - 2 July 1999
UN Headquarters, New York

Photo and RealAudio highlights

The PrepCom immediately entered into informal consultations to continue negotiations on the Chair's revised working paper . . . .
PrepCom Chair Anwarul Karim Chowdhury (Bangladesh) opened the resumed session of the PrepCom, noting it would attempt to complete negotiations on proposals for key actions for further POA implementation that formally began in March

UNFPA Executive Director Nafis Sadik before informal discussions begin, with PrepCom Vice-Chair Ross Hynes, Canada (right)



G-77/China Chair June Persaud with Chair Chowdhury and UNFPA Executive Director Sadik. The G-77/China proposed using language from the POA, paragraph 8.25, stating that abortion should not be promoted as a means of family planning, prevention of unwanted pregnancies should be prioritized and every attempt should be made to eliminate the need for abortion. The G-77/China also advocated assistence to developing countries and called for "special international assistance" to meet growing and urgent reproductive health and basic health needs.
John Klink, the Holy See (pictured with Arq. Maria del Carmen Simone de Grimaux, Argentina), called for language on the parental rights, duties and responsibilities of parents in order to balance the existing text on safeguarding adolescents's rights to privacy, confidentiality and informed consent.
Norway said the World Health Organization should take the lead role in the normative work on sexual and reproductive health indicators.
Mexican delegates Dr. Rodolfo Tuirán and Dr. Gegorio Pérez-Palacios. Mexico supported elaborating on under-utilized family planning and contraceptive methods to include vasectomy and condom use and women-controlled methods. Mexico also advocated sexual and reproductive health education in school curricula.





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