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Inter-Regional Preparatory Meeting for the 10-Year Review of the Barbados Programme of Action (BPoA)
Nassau, Bahamas | 26-30 January 2004 

Mon 26
Tue 27
Wed 28
Thu 29
Fri 30 &

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Highlights from Thursday, 29 January

Photo: Dr. Marcus Bethel, Minister of Health and Environment, Bahamas, Anwarul Chowdhury, Secretary-General of hte International Meeting, and Jagdish Koonjul, Chairman of AOSIS (Mauritius)


In the morning, delegates met in Plenary to hear statements by Ministers, Heads of Delegation, observer States and members of Organization. An informal ministerial and heads of delegation consultation took place in the afternoon to discuss the draft Political Declaration and the draft Strategy for the Further Implementation of the BPOA, which were completed by the drafting group at 6:00 am on Thursday morning. Following the high-level consultation, participants met in Plenary and were briefed on the way forward. The drafting group met in the evening to revise the draft Declaration and draft Strategy for consideration by the Plenary on Friday morning.


Statements by Ministers, Heads of Delegations, observer States and organizations






Manuel Dengo, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Marcus Bethel, Chair of the Meeting, and Minister of Health and the Environment, Bahamas, Anwarul Chowdhury, Secretary-General of the International Meeting, and Jagdish Koonjul, Chairman of AOSIS (Mauritius)



Listen to the following speeches:
Dougles Slater, Minister of Health and the Environment, St. Vincent
Ousseine Said, Director of International Cooperation, Comoros (in French)

Netatua Prescott, Assistant Dierctor, Department of Environment, Tonga


Listen to the following speeches:

Henna Uiterloo, Ministry of Labor, and Technical Development, Suriname
Mark Ramsden, Permanent Mission to the UN, New Zealand
Detlev Wolter, Permanent Mission of Germany to the UN


Listen to the following speeches (not pictured):

Ricardo Sanchez Sosa, Director, UNEP, Regional Office, Latin America and the Caribbean

Peter Tong, Ministry of Finance, Kiribati
Rebekah Grindley, Australian Mission to the UN


Listen to the following speeches:

Marinela Zenay, Civil Society Forum
Axel Nikulason, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Iceland
Gerald Miles, the Nature Conservancy




Listen to the following speeches (not pictured):
Eliawony Kisanga, Commonwealth Secretariat
Arthur Gray, UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
Siliga Kofe, UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
David Persaud, Trinidad and Tobago

Antonio Bernardini, Mission of Italy to the UN, Italy


Roundtable Discussion: A Partnership for Marine and Coastal Protected Areas in SIDS (WWF and Nature Conservancy)


During this roundtable discussion, convened by WWF and the Nature Conservancy, representatives of SIDS governments, NGOs, intergovernmental organizations and donor partners strongly supported the need for the SIDS Marine and coastal Protected Areas (MPCA) Partnership that will increase both financial and technical assistance at the national and local levels for MCPAs in SIDS. Participants identified the following priorities for the partnership as it works to assist SIDS and strengthen MCPAs:baseline data and information; interlinkages with existing arrangements; community-based MPAs and sustainable livelihoods; and communication and networking.

For more information, please contact: Indrani Lutchman, WWF ( or Gerald Miles (pictured bottom left), Nature Conservancy (





Photos from the Ministerial meeting and the Drafting Group











Rene Nunez, Belize, chaired the drafting group



Miscellaneous Photos






Duncan Currie, Greenpeace International (left)

Delegates from Mauritius (right)








Anwarul Chowdhury, Secretary General of the Mauritius International Meeting meets with ENB writer Richard Sherman to discuss his vision for SIDS











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