Soils as Keystone for Food Security and Ecosystem Restoration

3 June 2020 | Online

Highlights for Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Participants during the closing session

A session on “Soils as Keystone for Food Security and Ecosystem Restoration” was held online as part of the Global Landscapes Forum Bonn Digital Conference 2020. The conference was held virtually due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The segment discussed the role of the smallholder farmer to promote land restoration activities, and was split over three sessions, namely: Soils and the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration; Soil Organic Carbon: How can smallholder farming communities benefit from carbon sequestration projects?; and “Measuring Progress” on Gender and Land Tenure.

On Soils and the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration, participants discussed how to create enabling environments for ecosystem restoration. Key messages included:

  • soils are essential to the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, and in order for it to be a success, lessons from other restoration efforts should be built upon;
  • smallholder farmers must become the stewards of restoration; and
  • creating an enabling environment for smallholder farmers includes ensuring “social innovation,” secure land rights, access to knowledge and extension services, and appropriate and adapted technologies.
  • Alexander Müller
  • Susan Chomba

The session on Soil Organic Carbon addressed how small-scale land managers can be compensated for soil organic carbon. Participants discussed:

  • how soil organic carbon and restoration projects can further unlock the land-based mitigation potential;
  • land tenure and gender equity challenges remain;
  • project design must address how local communities can benefit from engaging in these projects; and
  • monitoring and verification are essential for carbon accounting.

The session on “Measuring Progress” on Gender and Land Tenure discussed strengthening women’s access to land rights. Key messages included:

  • measures to enhance tenure security of women must be included in soil and land restoration programmes;
  • social innovation considers local capacities and needs into account can help in helping women secure access to land; and
  • UNCCD COP 14 decision on land tenure signals the importance parties place on soil and land restoration for implementing the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration’s Strategy.

Over 300 participants from national and local governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, civil society and grassroots organizations, and the private sector participated in the session. Participants posed questions to panelists and held interactive discussions.

  • Violet Shivutse
  • Loren Cardeli

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Tim Christophersen, UN Environment Programme
Leigh Winowiecki, CIFOR/ICRAF
Amy Duchelle, CIFOR
Sylvia Kuria, Sylvia's Basket

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