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  10th Global Civil Society Forum 

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14 February 
15 February 
Briefing Note of GCSF-10

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10th Session of the  
Global Civil Society Forum 

14-15 February 2009 | Nairobi, Kenya

Highlights for Sunday, 15 February 2009

The 10th Global Civil Society Forum (GCSF-10), took place from 14-15 February 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya prior to the 25th UNEP Governing Council /Global Ministerial Environment Forum scheduled. The aim of the GCSF is to provide a platform for exchange and consultation on key environmental issues to be addressed by the Member States during UNEPís GC/GMEF, and to facilitate Major Groupsí contribution to the GC/GMEF and other international environmental fora. Issues on the agenda include globalization and the environment, and the chemical a agenda relating to mercury.

Above photo: Festive atmosphere abound the GCSF-10 session at UNEP headquarters.

Above photos: NGO participants of GCFS-10

Bird's eye view of the GCSF-10 plenary session.

GCFS-10 was Chaired by Lucien Royer with Mildred Mkandla as Vice-Chair. Participants in informal consultations.


Participants from Tunza. UNON staff with a ready smile.

L-R: ABS Co-Chairs Fernando Casas and Tim Hodges in conversation with ENB writer Asheline Appleton

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GCSF-10 photo coverage:

14 February - 15 February 

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