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INFORMAL CONSULTATIONS: Informal consultations will continue this morning in Conference Room 2 at 11:00 am on three more working drafts presented for consideration by the Chair: I. The nature of conservation and management measures to be established through cooperation; II. The mechanisms for international cooperation; and, III. Regional fisheries management or arrangements. Nandan plans to discuss these documents one-by-one and it is expected that he will get through the first two documents today.

FUTURE WORK: Yesterday's questions from the floor elicited indications from the Chair on the course of work for the remainder of this week and what to expect as the final outcome of this session of the Conference. Nandan announced that discussions would continue on the substantive issues, and he insisted that the form of the final document should not be discussed at this time. Further, he said that as he had stated before, and as had been agreed since the first days of the session, he will produce a unified text that will provide the basis for further discussion and negotiation. He said that he had already begun drafting this text, but that it will not be available until Friday, the last day of this session. Some observers anticipate that the General Assembly may convene an experts' group meeting early next year. Look for a forthcoming round of negotiations in 1994 to conclude a Convention that will fit within the framework of UNCLOS and resolve the issue of high seas fisheries.