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The final negotiating text says that coastal States and States fishing on the high seas have a duty to cooperate and achieve compatible and coordinated measures for the conservation and management of these stocks. States should recognize the interdependence of stock components harvested in areas under national jurisdiction and on the high seas. In determining conservation and management measures, States and subregional or regional organizations or arrangements shall ensure that the measures: do not transfer a disproportionate burden onto the coastal State(s); do not result in undue harm to the living marine resources in the areas of national jurisdiction; are no less stringent on the high seas than those established in areas under national jurisdiction (with regard to the same stock); and give due regard to measures taken or proposed by coastal States, relative dependence of the coastal State and States fishing on the high seas on the stock(s) concerned, the impact of fishing on the stock, and the particularities of the region. Where States are unable to reach agreement, States shall continue their efforts and States fishing on the high seas shall observe conservation and management measures equivalent to those in effect in areas under national jurisdiction, or observe minimum international standards.