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Three days of 'pre-session' consultations were held at UN Headquarters in New York from 19-21 July. The meeting was attended by approximately 20 delegations with representations from the core-group of like-minded coastal States that now includes Indonesia. Delegations representing the DWFN caucus included China, the EU, Japan and Korea. The South Pacific Forum Fishery Agency was represented. Other coastal State delegations included Australia, Mauritania and Senegal. This pre-sessional activity focused on the circulation of 'non-paper' prepared by the US delegation on Article 21 dealing with compliance and enforcement. Two alternative texts were presented by the EU and Japan. At the invitation of the Chair, Greenpeace International, on behalf of a number of NGOs, made a statement. No other NGO participation was permitted. NGOs were denied access as observers.


There were no NGO round tables or seminars specifically dealing with the Conference.