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The ten-paragraph Preamble recalls the relevant provisions of UNCLOS while focusing on the need to ensure the long-term conservation and sustainable use of SFS and HMFS, seeks to improve cooperation between States, and specifically calls for more effective enforcement by flag, port and coastal States of measures to conserve and manage fish stocks. The Preamble underlines the particular problems identified in Agenda 21, Chapter 17, Programme Area C, which include: over-utilization of resources, unregulated fishing practices, industry over-capitalization, vessel reflagging, excessive fleet size, unreliable data bases, and insufficient selective gear. Provisions supporting financial, scientific and technological assistance for developing States in support of their effective participation in the conservation, management and sustainable utilization of SFS and HMFS were included. The Preamble states that matters not regulated by the Convention (UNCLOS) or by the Agreement will continue to be governed by the general rules and principles of international law.