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SIGNING CEREMONY: The Agreement will be opened for signature at UN Headquarters in New York on 4 December 1995. The Agreement will also be opened for ratification at that time.

50TH SESSION OF THE UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY: The General Assembly agenda will review a number of fisheries related issues. These include: unauthorized fishing in zones of national jurisdiction and its impact on the living marine resources of the world's oceans and seas; fisheries bycatch and discards and their impact on the sustainable use of the world's living marine resources and a sub-item dealing with sustainable use and conservation and conservation of the marine living resources of the high seas.

FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION: The Technical Committee is to meet in Rome from 25-29 September 1995 to finalize the eleven articles contained in the draft Code of Conduct. A final text will then be produced for a meeting of the Council on Fisheries in late October. Thereafter, the Code will be presented for adoption at the FAO Conference on 25 October 1995.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONTRIBUTION OF FISHERIES TO FOOD SECURITY: Japan, in collaboration with the FAO will host the International Conference on Contribution of Fisheries to Food Security in Kyoto from 4-9 December 1995. This conference is expected to attract a wide range of governmental and non-governmental representatives with genuine interests in fisheries.

NGO ACTIVITIES: NGOs will continue to seek enhanced rights of access to the decision-making procedures of subregional and regional organizations. NGOs will continue to maintain a concerted drive to ensure the best possible rights for NGOs, including fishworkers organizations, and that the rules governing the fishing industry should be applied to all fish stocks wherever they are fished.

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