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At its 48th session in the Fall of 1993, the UN General Assembly decided that the first session of the Preparatory Committee should be resumed for a period of five working days to complete the preparatory work assigned to it, including the review of the draft Programme of Action for the sustainable development of SIDS. General Assembly Resolution 48/193, adopted on 21 December 1993, also decided to convene the Conference in Barbados from 25 April to 6 May 1994, including a high-level segment from 5-6 May. The resolution urged that representation at the Conference be at the highest possible level and decided to convene one day of pre-Conference consultations at the venue of the Conference on 24 April 1994. The resolution also: endorsed the decisions of the PrepCom regarding the participation of associate members of regional commissions and NGOs in the Conference and its preparatory process; endorsed the PrepCom's decisions regarding the provisional rules of procedure and the provisional agenda for the Conference; requested the Secretary-General to ensure the timely submission of the report of donor activities requested in Decision 11 of the PrepCom; requested the Secretary-General, through the Department of Public Information, to widely disseminate the goals and purposes of the Conference; and invited all member States and organizations to contribute to the voluntary funds.