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This chapter emphasizes the need for SIDS to increase their preparedness and response capacities to natural and environmental disasters. This can best be achieved through the promotion of early warning systems, strengthening broadcast capacity and telecommunications links, sharing of experience, and integrating natural disaster considerations in development planning. Recommended national action includes: strengthening disaster preparedness and management, including the capacity of local broadcasting, and establishment of a national disaster emergency fund. Regional action includes: establishment and strengthening of regional institutions to support national efforts in disaster mitigation, preparedness and management; sharing experience, information and resources between SIDS; increasing access to telecommunications links; and support for the operation of national disaster emergency funds. International actions include: assisting SIDS in establishing and/or strengthening mechanisms and policies to reduce the impact of natural disasters; improve access to technology and relevant training; provide and facilitate support and training for disaster preparedness and relief programmes; and support the dissemination of information useful in pre-disaster planning.