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C. International implementation:

The section on finance states that the implementation of the Programme of Action will require the provision of effective means, including "adequate, predictable, new and additional financial resources in accordance with Chapter 33 of Agenda 21" to reflect the increased significance attached to sustainable development considerations in SIDS. Other financial recommendations include: honoring financial commitments contained in Agenda 21, including better and more efficient use of ODA and other existing external sources of finance; the provision of concessional financial and technical assistance, and grant assistance; use of the restructured Global Environment Facility (GEF) as an important channel of assistance; and improved attention to the needs and priorities of SIDS within international institutions. With regard to trade, the Programme of Action calls for an open and non-discriminatory trading system and enhancing access to markets for the exports of SIDS. Special effort is needed to assist SIDS to increase their production and exports, and to develop better functioning and transparent international commodity markets. Recommendations for action by the international community on technology transfer include: promoting of, and access to, environmentally-sound technologies; dissemination of information regarding available technology; improving the endogenous capacity of SIDS to absorb and manage environmentally-sound technologies; financing access to and the transfer of environmentally-sound technologies; and protecting intellectual property rights. Other recommendations are on the subjects of information, capacity-building, and legislation and training. SIDS and the international community are also urged to continue work on the development of vulnerability indices and other indicators that reflect the status of SIDS and integrate ecological fragility and economic vulnerability. [Return to start of article]