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D. Institutional arrangements, monitoring and review:

This was a new section introduced by AOSIS at the start of the Conference and based, to a large degree, on the consultations undertaken by Canada and Argentina at the resumed PrepCom. In the first sub-section on intergovernmental follow-up, the Commission on Sustainable Development is urged to monitor and review the implementation of the Programme of Action within the context of its multi-year thematic programme of work. The UN General Assembly should also review implementation. In the sub-section on reporting, the Secretary-General is urged to prepare analytical reports on the implementation of the Programme of Action in preparation for CSD reviews in 1996 and 1999. The Inter-Agency Committee on Sustainable Development (IACSD) should also make the necessary provision to consider system-wide coordination in the implementation of Conference outcomes at the inter-agency level. At the UN Secretariat level, a "clearly identifiable, qualified and competent entity" within the Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development should be put in place. There are also recommendations for action at the regional and sub-regional levels.