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At its 1993 session, which was held in Geneva from 28 June - 30 July 1993, the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) adopted Resolution 1993/64, "Preparations for the World Summit for Social Development." The Council said that it was "convinced that the World Summit for Social Development would provide a unique opportunity to focus the attention of all countries on the main social and human concerns and to promote policies and strengthen international cooperation in order to effectively address these concerns." In this resolution, the Council decided that an African common position on the issues before the Summit should be formulated by the meeting of the Conference of African Ministers Responsible for Human Development (17-21 January 1994), which would serve as the regional preparatory meeting for the Summit. Furthermore, the Council requested that the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa prepare, in cooperation with the Organization of African Unity and other African regional and subregional organizations, an African common position on the issues before the Summit.