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INTERSESSIONAL INFORMAL CONSULTATIONS: The Chair and the Bureau have been requested to organize intersessional informal consultations during the week of 24 October 1994, with the participation of all States, in conjunction with the 49th session of the General Assembly. These consultations on the draft Programme of Action will focus on an informal document, based on the discussions and comments submitted during PrepCom II, to be prepared by the Secretariat by 30 September 1994. Consultations on the draft Declaration will be based on a new progress report to be submitted by the Chair after further consultations. The October consultations will last up to one week and will be organized so that all delegations can participate and NGOs can observe.

PREPCOM III: The third and final session of the Preparatory Committee will meet from 16-27 January 1995 at UN Headquarters in New York. Delegates will have to reach agreement on the Programme of Action, the Declaration and the programme of work for the Summit itself. The basis for negotiations is expected to be a revised draft Programme of Action and Declaration prepared by the Secretariat on the basis of the intersessional informal consultations. This document should be available by 30 November 1994.

NGO ACCREDITATION: The deadline for NGO accreditation to PrepCom III is 30 November 1994. The Secretariat has established a trust fund to support the participation of NGOs from the least developed countries. For more information, contact NGO Unit/DPCSD, United Nations - Room DC2-1372, New York, NY 10017, USA. Fax: +1-212-963-3892.

PREPARATIONS FOR THE NGO FORUM: The Danish NGO community has established a secretariat to facilitate NGO participation and to organize the parallel NGO Forum. The Forum is scheduled for the first two weeks of March and will take place at the Holmen Naval Base. The deadline for NGO registration is 1 December 1994. For further information, contact NGO Forum '95, Njalsgade 13C, DK-2300, Copenhagen S, Denmark, Tel: +45-3296-1995; Fax: +45-3296-8919.

UNDP ON-LINE: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is sponsoring an electronic "List," called "Soc-summit," to stimulate and broaden global discussion of the Social Summit themes. The List discusses: recommendations for policies and action programmes; actions that could be taken by the UN; and ideas about the role of international cooperation. The List also provides information about formal channels for influencing the Summit outcomes and other Summit concerns.

If you have access to the Internet (Bitnet, Compuserve, Prodigy, Fidonet, Econet, etc.), you can subscribe to the Soc-summit List. Send e-mail to the LISTSERV host: <<<M>[email protected] EDC.ORG>> or <<[email protected]>>. Do not enter a subject. In the body of the message, type the text: SUBSCRIBE SOC-SUMMIT. For further information, contact Janice Brodman <<[email protected]>>.

SOCIAL SUMMIT HOMEPAGE: The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), publishers of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, has created a "point of presence" on the Internet for the WSSD, called the "Social Summit Homepage," which is accessible through Mosaic or similar World Wide Web (WWW) software. The Social Summit Homepage contains a searchable index to the issues of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, links to the official documents, full-text versions of Government, NGO and UN statements from the PrepCom, background documents, photos of participants and (soon) audio and video clips. If you have Mosaic installed on your computer, point your WWW browser at <<http://enb.iisd.org/wssd.html>>. If you have access to the Internet and do not have Mosaic software, telnet to <<info.cern..ch>>, where you can download the software and configure your system.

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