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On Monday afternoon, Amb. Richelle opened the discussion on the draft Programme of Action. He announced that he had recurring nightmares about PrepCom II, which had resulted in an unwieldy 256-page text including the Programme of Action and all the associated comments. Document A/CONF.166/PC/CRP.3, which had been prepared by the Secretariat on the basis of the discussions at PrepCom II had only 54 pages. Nevertheless, the draft was still too long and required more focus and consistency with the draft Declaration. Algeria, on behalf of the G-77 and China, announced that they had prepared a paper on the structure and contents of the document. Other delegates welcomed the G-77's structural recommendations and asked if the Secretariat could produce a new draft in line with the G-77's suggestions. Since this would only require a rearrangement of paragraphs and not a change in the content, the Secretariat announced that it would have a new draft ready to distribute on Tuesday morning. Since delegates wanted to study the G-77 proposals and wait for the new text to be prepared by the Secretariat overnight, there was no further point in discussing CRP.3. Thus, the meeting was adjourned until Tuesday.