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A. NATIONAL STRATEGIES: This section lists the actions required at the national level to promote an integrated approach to the implementation of the Programme of Action as well as the actions by bilateral and multilateral agencies that can support the formulation of national strategies for social development.

B. INVOLVEMENT OF CIVIL SOCIETY: Effective implementation of the Programme of Action requires strengthening community organizations and non-profit NGOs who work in the sphere of education, health, poverty alleviation, social integration, relief and rehabilitation so that they can participate actively in policy making. The means of enhancing the contribution of civil society and the private sector to social development are also listed.

C. MOBILIZATION OF FINANCIAL RESOURCES: This section notes that the implementation of the Programme of Action at the national level will require a reorientation of existing resources and substantial new resources, both in the public and the private sectors. Actions include the means of: augmenting the availability of public resources for social development; increasing financial assistance from the international community to enable developing countries to implement the Programme of Action; reducing the debt burden; ensuring that structural adjustment programmes promote social development goals; and encouraging international financial institutions to contribute to the mobilization of resources for the implementation of the Programme of Action.

D. THE ROLE OF THE UNITED NATIONS SYSTEM: This section lists the issues that the UN General Assembly should give special consideration to, including: strengthening the Economic and Social Council; strengthening and revising the mandate for the Commission for Social Development; promoting implementation of the Programme of Action at the regional and subregional levels; identifying the role of other UN fora that have a special role to play; and convening meetings of high-level representatives to promote international dialogue on social issues. The UN system should also provide technical cooperation and other forms of assistance to the developing countries in implementing the Programme of Action.

E. PERIODIC ASSESSMENT OF SOCIAL CONDITIONS AND SOCIAL PROGRESS IN THE WORLD: This section states that the UN General Assembly should review the implementation of the outcome of the Summit every two years. ECOSOC should review the reporting system in the area of social development to establish a coherent system that would result in a UN Report on Social Development, with clear policy recommendations for governments and international actions. A second World Summit on Social Development should be scheduled in 2005 to review progress and agree on further initiatives.

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