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Amb. Wlosowicz (Poland) requested delegates to informally discuss the desired number of vice-presidents and inform the chair of any resolution. Nitin Desai then introduced Informal Note No. 2, which the Secretariat prepared as a basis of discussion on the Summit"s organization. An opening session was proposed for Monday, 6 March with remarks from the Queen of Denmark and other dignitaries. Two parallel meetings will follow: a main committee from 6-9 March to finalize negotiations and a Plenary from 6-10 March to allow high-level representatives to speak. Desai recommended a seven-minute time limit for speeches. The last two days, 11 and 12 March, will consist of the Summit of Heads of State or Government. He also mentioned that speakers on 8 March (World Women"s Day) should focus on gender issues.

Denmark reported on arrangements to date, after which delegates raised concerns with the speaker"s list and the protocol for non-heads of State.

Desai noted the possibility for any country to make a statement on 11 or 12 March. He suggested that the main questions be submitted in writing and serve as the basis for consultations. The Plenary will reconvene once a clearer picture of the organization of the Summit work emerges.