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Amb. Somav�a reported that Working Group I finished its first reading of the Declaration and Chapter V (Implementation and Follow-up) on Saturday evening. The Working Group is behind schedule since the original plan was to finish first readings by last Thursday. Two consultative groups have been established to facilitate the Group"s work. One is chaired by Amb. Richard Butler (Australia) and the other by Amb. Razali Ismail (Malaysia). They are considering bracketed text in the Declaration and Commitments 1-6, and Commitments 7-9 and Chapter V, respectively. The results of Amb. Butler"s work as of Saturday evening have been distributed as CRP.1. Somav�a said that the goal of Working Group I is to finish its work by Tuesday night so that translated text can be available for the Plenary on Friday.

Working Group II is expected to complete Chapters I-IV by Wednesday evening. Amb. Koos Richelle reported that Working Group II is "proceeding at the pace of a snail using full brakes while taking a curve." The Working Group has finished its first reading of Chapters I and II, and planned to complete Chapter III by Monday evening and Chapter IV by Tuesday evening. The Group will consider the work of its informal consultative group on Wednesday.

Somav�a also noted that the PrepCom has to consider the organization of work in Copenhagen. Amb. Wlosowicz (Poland), Amb. Ostergaard-Andersen (Denmark), and Under-Secretary-General Nitin Desai (DPCSD) are conducting consultations on this matter. Somav�a noted the short time available in Copenhagen and warned against leaving work to be completed there.