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Amb. Butler"s consultative group on the Draft Declaration has made significant progress. Agreement has been reached on all but a few paragraphs: committing Governments to enhance social development throughout the world (8); the types of people affected by distress in the world (15); the principle of promoting equitable distribution of income (23(g)); and the right to self-determination of people under colonial or foreign occupation (23(k)). In Commitment 1, there is no agreement on a stable legal framework including equality and equity between women and men and respect for human rights, and provision of new and additional financial resources. Amb. Butler"s group reconvened Monday afternoon and is expected to complete Commitments 2-6 by mid-day on Tuesday. Amb. Razali"s group, which also met Monday afternoon, completed discussion of Commitment 7 and hopes to complete Commitments 8-9 by Tuesday as well.