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This section contains paragraphs that encourage: decentralization of public institutions: transparent processes; educational programmes; and the development of attitudes and values that promote responsibility and solidarity. Brackets remain around language on whether or not actions are "required" at the national level to support the objectives of social development. No decision was reached on whether social partners should be able to organize and function "freely and responsibly" or if their right to collectively bargain would be "in accordance with national laws and regulations." A parallel sub-paragraph regarding similar conditions for professional organizations and artisans" organizations was left in brackets.

Language dealing with creating conditions for refugees and those displaced as a result of terrorist intervention for voluntary return to their places of origin was bracketed. Several sub-paragraphs dealing with the right to development remain in brackets. Delegates did not resolve issues such as the removal of "economic" barriers to the exercise of the right to education; discouraging the gratuitous depiction of explicit sex, violence and cruelty in the media; and the removal of obstacles to the realization of the right to self-determination for peoples under colonial, foreign or alien occupation. The central role of the human person in sustainable development is also bracketed.