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This section calls for governments, in partnership with all other development actors, to cooperate to meet the basic human needs of all, including: implementing commitments that have been made to meet these needs; and improving access to social services for people living in poverty and vulnerable groups. Bracketed language includes references to the rights and responsibilities of parents to ensure that children have access to social services. Delegates also disagreed whether governments should implement commitments that have been made to meet the basic human needs of all "with the assistance, as appropriate, of the international community." Reference to healthcare access for low- income communities remains bracketed. Delegates also bracketed reference to the promotion of cooperation among government agencies to develop national strategies for improving maternal/reproductive health care. D. ENHANCED SOCIAL PROTECTION AND REDUCED VULNERABILITY: This section deals with strengthened and expanded social protection systems. These systems should be based on legislation, in order to protect from poverty people who cannot work due to sickness, disability, old age, HIV/AIDS, or who have lost their livelihoods due to natural disaster. Remaining brackets include references to: social protection systems to protect people who cannot work due to "language barriers;" providing children the necessary social and psychological assistance for "family reunification;" and the provision of adequate social safety nets under structural adjustment programmes.