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The closing Plenary met on Saturday, 28 January 1995, to adopt the draft Declaration and Programme of Action and forward them to Copenhagen. The Chair noted that the parallel negotiation process resulted in some inconsistencies in language between the two documents, and stated that the Secretariat would rectify any problems. Delegates drew attention to missing text, discussed some of the bracketed text, and approved the documents, with minor changes and with all brackets.

Delegates then considered Agenda Item 6, Adoption of the Report of the Preparatory Committee (A/CONF.166/PC/L.25). The Holy See suggested a correction to reflect that delegates" work extended to 28 January, rather than the originally scheduled 27 January, and delegates approved the report.

Amb. Somav´┐Ża concluded the Plenary with an assessment of the road to Copenhagen. He congratulated delegates on what they had done in 30 working days and one week of informal consultations, highlighting the potential for UN efficiency. He noted the very encouraging mood of political seriousness that had pervaded this PrepCom. He concluded that societies based on values and ethical principles are needed to achieve the goals of the Summit, and that the texts contain language to that effect.