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COMMISSION ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN: The CSW meets in New York from 15 March to 5 April 1995. The CSW will provide the forum for the negotiation of the Beijing Platform of Action, which will be adopted at the Fourth World Women"s Conference in September 1995.

COMMISSION ON SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: The Commission on Social Development will meet in New York from 10-20 April 1995.

RIO GROUP: The Rio Group will meet on 4-5 May 1995 in Buenos Aires to discuss plans for Social Summit follow-up.

ECOSOC: The Social Summit report will be transmitted to ECOSOC, which will meet from 26 June - 28 July 1995, in Geneva.

FOURTH WORLD CONFERENCE ON WOMEN: ACTION FOR EQUALITY, DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE: In response to NGO requests, Amb. Somav´┐Ża has promised to transmit a 6-month report assessing implementation of the Programme of Action to the Conference, which will be held from 4-15 September in Beijing.