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The regional group meetings were organized by the UN Economic Commissions. The High-level Regional Preparatory Meeting of the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) was held in Vienna from 17-21 October 1994. The Sixth Regional Conference on the Integration of Women into the Economic and Social Development of Latin American and the Caribbean met in Mar del Plata, Argentina, from 20-25 September 1994, where the region's Platform for Action was discussed. The Platform was finalized at a 16-18 November 1994 meeting in Chile. The Second Asian and Pacific Ministerial Conference on Women in Development was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 7-14 June 1994. The Fifth African Regional Conference on Women was held in Dakar, Senegal, from 16-23 November 1994. The Arab Regional Preparatory Meeting was held in Amman, Jordan, from 9-10 November 1994. Each meeting adopted a regional platform, identifying specific problems faced by women in that region.